Biddix List of Primary Sources

Using the Biddix Primary Source List

Some of these entries can fit into more than one category and often do, so check in more than one category. The spelling in some of these entries may appear to be misspelled.  For example: daies instead of days. However, do be wary of the difficulty in checking for spelling errors on this list so double-check spelling. Entries without call numbers are multi-volume works contained at the UNC Asheville Library. Remember, as with history this list is always growing, ever changing and more is added as knowledge accumulates. 


Basic Writings of Saint Augustine
7 vols.
BR 6S A5.2 E6

The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer
5 vols.
BR 83.S33

Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman
BX4705.NS A4 1961 V.14

The Salem Witch Craft Papers
3 vols.
KFM2478.8.W5 S24

Sermons of John Donne
10 vols.

Isaac Backus Diary 1741-1806
3 vols.
BX 6495.B32 A33 1979

Journal of John Fox
2 vols.
BX 7795F7A2

Early Mormon Documents
3 vols.
BX 8611.E19

The Standard Sermons of John Wesley
2 vols.

The Ante-Nicene Fathers
10 vols
BR60 .A5

The Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers
28 vols
BR60 .54

Aquinas, Summa Theolocica
61 vols
BX 1749 T4.8

Laud, William
The works of the Most Reverend Father in God
WCU General
7 Volumes
BX5037 .L3 1975

Luther, Martin, 1483-1546
Luther’s works
ASU Main Stacks
54 Volumes
BR330 .E5 1955

Hall, Joseph. 1574-1656
The works of the Right Reverend Joseph Hall
ASU Main Stacks
WCU General
10 Volumes
BX5037 .H26 1969

Penn, William, 1644-1718
The select works of William Penn
ASU Main Stacks
3 Volumes
BX7617 .P5 A1 1971

American Missionary Association Archives
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 200
Ala. Reels 1-7
Fla. Reels 1-2
Ga. Reels 1-13
La. Reels 1-3
Miss. Reels 1-3
N.C. Reels 1-7
S.C.-S.D. Reels 1-6
Tenn. Reels 1-6
Tex. Reel 1
Va. Reel 1-13

American Home Missionary Society Papers, 1816-1894
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 310
Ala.-Calif. Reel 2
Del.-Ill. Reel 15
Ky. Reel 104
Ky.-Me. Reel 105
Minn.-Mo. Reel 153
Mo. Reel 154-158

Etowah Baptist Church Minutes (Hendersonville, N.C.)
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 362 reels 1-3

William Penn, 1644-1718
Select works of William Penn: to which is prefixed a journal of his life
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 34

Thomas Chalkley
A collection of the works of Thomas Chalkley: in two parts 1675-1741
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 11

Francis Makemie, 1658-1708
A narrative of a new unusual American imprisonment of two Presbyterian ministers: and prosecution of Mr. Francis Makemie
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 27

John Clarke, 1609-1676
A Narrative of New England’s Persecution. Four proposals to the honoured Parliament and Councel of State, touching the way to propagate the gospel of Christ both in old England and New
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 12

Minutes of the Tuskaseegee Baptist Association, 1829-1957
Nashville, Tennessee
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 029

Southern Baptist Assembly
Minutes, Southern Baptist Assembly, Ridgecrest, N.C., 1909-1931
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 352
Southern Baptist Assembly Day Book, 1907-1909
Microfilm 351

James Jehu Burnett, 1854-1937
Sketches of Tennessee’s pioneer Baptist preachers : being incidentally a history of Baptist beginnings in the several associations in the state
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 134 Reel 1

William Henry Allison, 1870-1941
Inventory of unpublished material for American religious history in Protestant church archives and other repositories
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 2

Narratives of the witchcraft cases, 1648-1706 New England
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 9

North Carolina Baptist Historical Papers
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 356 Reel 1

Three Forks Baptist Church (Wilkes County, N.C.)
Minutes, Three Forks Baptist Church, 1790-1895
MicF 59

John R. Logan
Sketches, historical and biographical of the Broad River and King’s Mountain Baptist Associations, from 1800-1882
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 359

The American Christian Record : containing the history, confession of faith, and statistics of each religious denomination in the United States and Europe, 1860
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 2

Address to Christians throughout the world by a conference of ministers, assembled at Richmond, Va., April, 1863
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 1

Records of Salem witchcraft
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 38

Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 17

Works of Jonathan Edwards
6 vols
BX 7117 E3

William Stevens Perry, 1832-1898
Historical collections relating to the American colonial church
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reels 34-36

William Meade, 1789-1862
Old churches, ministers and families of Virginia by Bishop Meade
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 28

Thomas Shepard, 1605-1649
The works of Thomas Shepard: first pastor of the First Church, Cambridge, Mass.
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 40
3 vols.

Bishop Philander Chase, 1775-1852
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 11

Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758
The works of President Edwards (visible Christian Church)
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 Reel 17-18

Lewis, Clifford Merle, 1911-","The Spanish Jesuit Mission in Virginia, 1570-1572, by Clifford M. Lewis and Albert J. Loomie","Chapel Hill, Published for the Virginia Historical Society by the University of North Carolina Press, 1953

Puritanism and liberty : (1603-1660) / compiled by Kenneth Bell","London: G. Bell, 1915

Benedetto, Robert","Guide to the manuscript collections of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. / Robert Benedetto assisted by Betty K. Walker","New York : Greenwood Press, 1990

Colonial/Immigration America

Athanase de MéziPres and the Louisiana-Texas Frontier, 1768-1780: Documents Published/br the First Time, from the Original Spanish and French Manuscripts, Chiefly in the Archives of Mexico and Spain. Ed. and trans. Herbert Eugene Bolton. Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark, 1914. 2 v.

Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the Parts Adjacent in America Some Correspondence between the Governors and Treasurers of the New England Company in London and the Commissioners of the United Colonies in America, the Missionaries of Company and Others, between the Years 1657 and 1712. London: Spottiswoode & Co., 1896.

Debating the Issues in Colonial Newspapers: Primary Documents on Events of the Period David A. Copeland. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2000.Colonial Spanish America: A Documentary History. Ed. Kenneth Mills and William B. Taylor.Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1998.

Early American Writings. Ed. Carla Mulford et al. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

Daily life: a sourcebook on colonial America / edited by Carter Smith","Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, c1991

Urlsperger, Samuel, 1685-1772. comp","Detailed reports on the Salzburger emigrants who settled in America. edited by Samuel Urlsperger. Edited with an introd. by George Fenwick Jones. Translated by Hermann J. Lacher","Athens, University of Georgia Press [1968]

Lancour, Harold, 1908-","A bibliography of ship passenger lists, 1538-1825 being a guide to published lists of early immigrants to North America","New York, New York Public Library, 1963

So Dreadfull a Judgment: Puritan Responses to King Philip’s War, 16 76-1677. Ed. Richard Slotkin and James K. Folsom. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 1978.

Original lists of emigrants in bondage from London to the American Colonies, 1719-1744 / edited and with introduction by Marion and Jack Kaminkow","Baltimore, Md. : Magna Carta Book Co., 1981, c1967

Marchand, Sidney Albert, 1887-","An attempt to re-assemble the old settlers in family groups / Sidney A. Marchand, Sr","Baton Rouge, La. : Claitor's Publishing Division, 1978, c1975

Spain in the Mississippi Valley, 1765-1794. Ed. Lawrence Kinnaird. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1946-49. 3 vols.

Complete Works of Captain John Smith
3 vols.

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-179]. Ed. Reuben Gold Thwaites. New York: Pageant, 1959. 73 v.

Envisioning America: English Plans for the Colonization of North America, 1580-] 640. Ed. Peter C. Mancall. Boston: Bedford Books, 1995.

Major Problems in American Colonial History: Documents and Essays. Ed. Karen Ordahl Kupperman. Lexington, Mass.: D.C. Heath,1993.

Travels and Works of John Smith
2 vols.

The Presidio and Militia on the Northern Frontier of New Spain: A Documentary History. Ed. Thomas H. Naylor and Charles W. Polzer. Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 1986.

Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England. Boston: W. White, 1855-61. 12 v.

Bonded Passengers to America
3 vols.
CS 61.C62

The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775

Emigrant Ministers to America

17th Century Colonial Ancestors

New World Immigrants
3 vols.
CS 68.N48

Index to U.S. Invalid Pension Records 1801-1815
CS 68.C484

American Wills and Administration in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

American Vital Records from the Gentleman's Magazine 1731-1868

Various Family Histories
44 vols.
CS 69-71

Dormant and Extinc Peerages

New Extinct Peerages

Cameron, Viola Root","Emigrants from Scotland to America, 1774-1775. Copied from a loose bundle of Treasury papers in the Public Record Office, London, England","Baltimore, Southern Book Co., 1959

Falley, Margaret Dickson, 1898-","Irish and Scotch-Irish ancestral research : a guide to the genealogical records, methods, and sources in Ireland / by Margaret Dickson Falley","Baltimore, Md. : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1981

Foreign Relations

Major Problems in American Foreign Policy
2 vols.

Documents of Soviet-American Relations 1917-17-945
4 vols.

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States
13 vols.
JX 236 1968 A5

Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law
9 vols.
JX 21 .R68

Documents on Disarmament
27 vols.
JX 1974 A1 US.42

U.S. Foreign Policy 1969-1972
JX1417 A5.9X

Documents on American Foreign Relations
23 vols.
JX 231 D6

Foreign Relations of the United States
278 vols.
JX 233 A3

Cordier Andrew Wellington, 1901-1975
Public papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations
7 Volumes
UNCA General
WCU General
JX1977 .C62

Colonial Latin American manuscripts and transcripts in the Obadiah Rich Collection
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 472 reel 5

Postwar Japan , Korea and Southeast Asia, O.S.S. Intelligence
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 326 reels 1-6
WCU Mfilm Index
Microfilm Index 326

Maki, John McGilvrey, 1909- ed","Conflict and tension in the Far East: key documents, 1894-1960","Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1961 [i.e. 1962]

The Cuban missile crisis, 1962 : a National Security Archive documents reader / edited by Laurence Chang and Peter Kornbluh","New York : The New Press, 1992

Toward Pearl Harbor : the diplomatic interchange between Japan and the United States, 1899-1941 / Ralph E. Schaffer, ed","New York : M. Wiener, 1991

The Origins of the Cold War : the Novikov, Kennan, and Roberts long telegrams of 1946 / Kenneth M. Jensen","Washington, D.C. : United States Institute of Peace Press, 1993

Science, Technology, Society (Economic, Labor, and Politics), Environment and Philosophy

John Dewey 1885-1953
17 vols.
B945. D41

The Correspondence of Thomas Hobbes
2 vols.

Major Problems in the History of American Sexuality: Documents and Essays’. Ed. Kathy Peiss.Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2002.

Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell
14 vols.

Philosophical Writings and Works of Descartes
2 vols.
B1837 H3 1968

Writings of Anna Freud
8 vols.

Collected Scientific Papers of Paul Samuelson
5 vols.

Collected Economic Papers
2 vols.

Collected Papers of Kenneth Arrow
6 vols.

Marx and Engels Collected Works
49 vols.

Letters of Eugene V. Debs
3 vols.

New Worlds of Old by H.G. Wells

Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works
5 vols.

Political Writings of Leibniz
JC156 L3.13

Rousseau Political Writings
2 vols.

Machiavelli: The Discourses

Hobbes Works
JC153.H515 through JC153H6.5

Montesquieu Works
JC179M7.2 through JC179M7.4

The Shakespeare Documents
2 vols.

Don Juan Papers

Works of Thomas Reid
2 vols.

Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet

Dickens Working Notes for His Novels

Journal of Henry Thoreau
2 vols.

Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882
The collected papers of Charles Darwin
2 Volumes
ASU Main Stacks
WCU General
QH365 .A1 1977

Shaw, Bernard, 1865-1950
The collected works of Bernard Shaw
30 Volumes
ASU Main Stacks
PR5360 1930

Complete Psychological Works of Freud
24 vols
Bp 173.F73

Philosophical Works of David Hume
4 vols

Letters of David Hume

Selected Speeches of Floyd B. Odlum

J. M. Keynes Collected Works
30 vols.
HB 171.K44

The Works of Robert Ingersoll
12 vols.
AC 816

The Life and Works of Thomas Paine
10 vols.

University OF California Publications in Philosophy 1904-1950
25 vols.

Tulane Studies in Philosophy
20 vols.

The Works of Plato
4 vols.

The Works of Aristotle
2 vols.
B407S6 V.10

The Works of George Berkeley
9 vols
B1303 1964

Collected Works of John Stuart Mill
25 vols
B1602 A2

Works of Francis Bacon
14 vols

John Locke Works
10 vols
B1253 1963

Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell
14 vols
B1649 R91

Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers
7 vols
B4372 E5P3

Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940","The Trotsky papers, 1917-1922. Edited and annotated by Jan M. Meijer","The Hague, Mouton, 1964-1971

Haskell, Francis, 1928-","History and its images : art and the interpretation of the past / Francis Haskell","New Haven : Yale University Press, c1993

Nicholas, Donald, ed","Intercepted post letters written at the time of Prince Charles Edward's descent upon the Lowlands of Scotland, his stay in Edinburgh, and his march to Carlisle. August-December 1745","London, Bodley Head [1956]


United States, Adjunct-General’s Office
Descriptive books, 35th, 36th and 37 Infantry, United States Colored Troops
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 518

Sources of the African-American Past: Primary Sources in American History. Ed. Roy E. Finkenbine. New York: Longman, 1997.

FBI file on Malcolm X
ASU Microforme Guide
BP223.Z8L573365 1996
ASU Microforme
Reel 1-10

FBI file on the National Negro Congress
ASU Microform
Film Reels 1-2

ASU Microforme
Film Reels 1-4

FBI file on the Black Panther Party, North Carolina
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 510 Reels 1-2
Microfilm Index 510
ASU Microforme
Film Reel 1-2

Ku Klux Conspiracy (Congressional Report 1860's -1870's)
13 vols

Papers of MLK jr.
4 vols

Booker T. Washington Papers
14 vols.

Civil Rights, The White House, and the Justice Dept. 1945-1968
18 vols

Meier, August, 1923- comp, Black protest thought in the twentieth century. Edited by August Meier, Elliott Rudwick [and] Francis L. Broderick, Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill [1971]

Aptheker, Herbert, 1915- ed","A documentary history of the Negro people in the United States. Pref. by W. E. B. Du Bois","New York, Citadel Press [1951]

Wexler, Sanford","The civil rights movement : an eyewitness history / Sanford Wexler introduction by Julian Bond","New York, NY : Facts on File, c1993

A documentary history of the Negro people in the United States / edited by Herbert Aptheker preface by W.E.B. Du Bois","New York : Citadel Press, 1968, c1951


Slave Testimony: Two Centuries of Letters, Speeches, Interviews, and Autobiographies. Ed. John W. Blassingame. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1977.

American Negro Slavery: A Documentary History. Ed. Michael Mullin. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1976.

Solomon Northup. Twelve Years a Slave: Narrative of Solomon Northup. Various editions

Documents of Upheaval

Records of the U.S. Senate Select Committee that investigated John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry, Va., 1859
Micf 763
Reel 1-3

Bridges, Anne Baker Leland
St. James Santee, plantation: history and records, 1685-1925
ASU Main Stacks
UNCA Special Collections
F277 .C4 B75 1997

Hawks, Esther Hill, 1833-1906
Papers, 1856-67
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 447

Bartolomé de Las Casas. A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies. Written 1542.

Colonial Lives: Documents on Latin American History, 1550-1850. Ed. Richard Boyer and Geoffrey Spurling. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.

English Colonization of North America. Ed. Louis B. Wright and Elaine W. Fowler. New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1968.

Capt. John Smith, of Willoughby by Alford, Lincolnshire; President of Virginia, and Admiral of New England. Works. 1 608-1 63]. Ed. Edward Arber. Birmingham, England, 1884.

Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War
WCU Mfilm Index
Microfilm Index 466 Piedmont NC
Microfilm Index 466A Western NC
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 466 Piedmont NC R.1-40
Microfilm 466A Western NC R.1-10

Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War
ASU App Coll MIC
MicF 568 Reels 1-10

Life and labor on Argyle Island : letters and documents of a Savannah River rice plantation, 1833-1867 / edited with an introd. by James M. Clifton","Savannah : Beehive Press, c1978

Tappan, Lewis, 1788-1873
The papers of Lewis Tappan
UNCA Microfilm
E449.T18 A3 1975 v.1-7

Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America
4 vols

Slave Narratives
5 vols

The Black abolitionist papers / C. Peter Ripley, editor Jeffrey S. Rossbach, associate editor ... [et al.]","Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c1985-c1992
5 vols

The Frederick Douglas Papers
4 vols

Pioneers of the Black Atlantic: Five Slave Narratives from the Enlightenment, 1772-1815. Ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and William L. Andrews. Washington, D.C.: Civitas, 1998.

A Documentary History of Slavery in North America. Ed. Willie Lee Rose. New York: Oxford University Press. 1976.

Free at Last: A Documentary History o/Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War. Ed. Ira Berlin eI al. New York : The New Press, 1992.

Runaway Slave Advertisements: A Documentary History from the 1730 ‘s to 1790. Ed. Lathan A. Windley. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1983.

Godwyn, Morgan

The Negro and Indian advocate: suing for their admission into the church: or A persuasive to the instructing and baptizing of the Negroes and Indians in our plantations
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 319 reel 20

Slaves no more : letters from Liberia, 1833-1869 / edited by Bell I. Wiley","Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c1980

Olaudah Equiano. The Interesting Narrative. In various editions.

Venture, Smith. A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, A Native of Africa. In various editions.

McElveen, A. J., d. 1874","Broke by the war : letters of a slave trader / edited by Edmund L. Drago","Columbia, S.C. : University of South Carolina Press, c1991

The Wartime genesis of free labor : the lower South / edited by Ira Berlin ... [et al.]","Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 1990

Stealing a little freedom : advertisements for slave runaways in North Carolina, 1791-1840 / edited by Freddie L. Parker","New York : Garland Pub., 1994

Witness for freedom : African American voices on race, slavery, and emancipation / C. Peter Ripley, editor co-editors, Roy E. Finkenbine, Michael F. Hembree, Donald Yacovone","Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c1993


Iroquois Indians: A Documentary History of the Diplomacy of the Six Nat ions and Their League. Ed. Francis Jennings et al. Woodbridge, CT: Research Publications, 1984.

Red and White: Indian Views of the White Man, 14 92-1982. Ed. Annette Rosenstiel. New York: Universe Books, 1983.

Documents Relating to Indian Affairs. Ed. William L. McDowell, Jr. Columbia: South Carolina Archives Dept., 1958-1970. 2v

Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000. Ed. Peter Nabokov. New York: Penguin, 1999.

Major Problems in American Indian History: Documents and Essays. Ed. Albert L. Hurtado and Peter Iverson. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001.

American Indian Myths and Legends. Ed. Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz. New York: Pantheon, 1984.

Cohn G. Calloway. First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1999.

The World Turned Upside Down: Indian Voices from Early America. Ed. Cohn G. Cahhoway. Boston: St. Martin’s Press, 1994.

The Indian Peoples of Eastern America: A Documentary History of the Sexes. Ed. James Axtell. New York: Oxford University Press, 1981.

Great Documents in American Indian History. Ed. Wayne Moquin with Charles Van Doren. New York: Da Capo Press, 1995.

American Indians: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1998.

A Guide to Cherokee Documents in the Northeastern United States. By Paul Kutsche. Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1986.

Nations remembered : an oral history of the Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles in Oklahoma, 1865-1907 / [selected by] Theda Perdue","Norman [Okla.] : University of Oklahoma Press, c1993

Cherokee Indian Reservation Eastern Band Cherokee Indians
Historical roll books,
WCU microfilm 501 and 501c.2
ASU APP Coll Mic
MicF 740
Field notes of the Qualla Boundary survey,
WCU Microfilm 498 reel 1-2
Council Records, 1908-1931
WCU Microfilm 495
Enrollment Cards, Baker roll,
WCU Microfilm 502 reel 1-2
Enrollment cards, revised roll,
WCU Microfilm 503 reel 1-3
Decisions in enrollment cases,
WCU Microfilm 494 reels 1-4
Council minutes, English,
WCU Microfilm 496 reel 1-2
Council minutes, Cherokee,
WCU Microfilm 497 reel 1-2

United States
Ratified Indian treaties,1772-1869
Mic 746 Reel 1, 16 and guide

Native American Perspectives on the Hispanic Colonization of Alta California. Ed. Edward D. Castillo. New York: Garland, 1991.

Journal of the proceedings of Gen. Andrew Jackson, regarding treaty with Chickasaw and Cherokee Indians, 1816
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 493

United States Office of Indian Affairs
Superintendent of Indian Trade, Letters sent, 1807-1823
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 264 reel 1-6

United States, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 273 reel 71-118 and 833-839

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for the Foreign Missions. Unit 6, Cherokee Mission, 1816-1859
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 516 reel 1-9

Letters received by the Office of the Secretary of War relating to Indians Affairs, 1800-1823
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 262 reel 1-4

United States, Army
Headquarters records of Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, 1830-1857
MicF 744 reel 1-4

United States, Office of Indian Affairs
Special files of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1807-1904
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 265 reel 1-85

Miscellaneous collections U.S. newspapers with articles relating to the Cherokees and Indian affairs, 1789-1872
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 500

Correspondence of the Eastern Division pertaining to Cherokee removal, April-December 1838
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 486 reel 1-2

Journal of Thomas Griffiths on a visit to the Cherokees, 1767
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 488

Field Notebooks of surveys and reconnaissances in the Cherokee Nation, North Carolina, Georgia. Tennessee, 1837-1838
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 192

Indian pioneer history collection
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 509 reel 1-40

The American Indian and the United States; A documentary History
4 vols
E93 W2.7

American Indian resource materials in the Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma / edited by Donald L. DeWitt","Norman, Okla. : University of Oklahoma Press, c1990

Earliest Hispanic/Native American interactions in the American Southeast / edited with an introduction by Jerald T. Milanich","New York: Garland Pub., 1991

Native American demography in the Spanish borderlands / edited with an introduction by Clark Spencer Larsen","New York : Garland Pub., 1991

Watson, Larry S","Cherokee emigration records, 1829-1835 / compiled and indexed by Larry S. Watson","Laguna Hills, CA : Histree, c1990


Memoirs of Mrs. Letitia Pilkington

Letters of Eliza Pierce

North American Women ‘s Letters and Diaries: Colonial to 1950 [computer file]. Chicago: Alexander Street Press, 2001

Women ‘s Voices, Women ‘s Lives: Documents in Early American History. Ed. Carol Berkin and Leslie Horowitz. Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1998.

Misia and the Muses: Memoirs of Misia Sert
CT 1018S4 A3.3

Prison Memoirs of a Japanese Woman

Diaries and Revelations of Women

Diaries of Girls and Women

My Memoir Edith Wilson
2 vols.
E767.3 W5.5

Diary of Emma Holmes 1861-1866

Diary of Beatrice Webb
4 vols.

Sanger, Margaret, 1879-1966
Papers of Margaret Sanger
ASU Microform
Film Reel 1-10

The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
ASU Microforme Ref
Z6616.S689 P37 1992 Guide
ASU Microform
Reel 1-9

Southern women and their families in the 19th century, papers and diaries
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 474 pt.8 reels 1-36
WCU Mfilm Index
Microfilm Index 474
ASU Microform Ref
HQ1410.S68 1991 Series A Pt. 1-3
ASU Microform
Series A Pt.3 Reel 1-6
ASU Microform Ref
HQ1410.S685 1998 Series E
ASU Microform
Series E Reel 1-9

American women’s diaries (Western Women)
ASU Microform
Film [no call number]

American women’s diaries (New England)
ASU Microform
Film [no call number]

Major Problems in American Women ‘s History: Documents and Essays. Ed. Mary Beth Norton and Ruth M. Alexander. Lexington, Mass.: D.C. Heath, 1996.

Nancy Woloch. Early American Women: A Documentary History, 1 600-1900. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997.

James F. Seaver. A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison. Orig. published 1824.


Code of Jewish Law
4 vols.
BM 560.G32

The Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann 1898-1952
2 vols.
D2125.3.W45A5 1983

Testaments to the Holocaust
ASU Microforme Ref
D804.19.T47 1998 Series Guide
ASU Microform
Reel 1-10 Series 1

The Midrash
10 vols
BM 517 R3

Kronikah Ivrit mi-Prag me-reshit ha-meah ha-17. English";"A Hebrew chronicle from Prague, c. 1615 / edited by Abraham David translated by Leon J. Weinberger with Dena Ordan","Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c1993

Environmental History

Green collar careers [microform]","[Raleigh, N.C.? : Office of Environmental Education?, 1993?]

North Carolina. Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study","The second public draft of the comprehensive conservation management plan of the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study [microform]","[Raleigh, N.C.? : The Study, 1992]

State energy data report / prepared by Statistics Branch","Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Office of Energy Markets and End Use : Available from the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.

State energy price and expenditure report","Washington, D. C. : Energy Information Administration, Office of Energy Markets and End Use, U.S. Department of Energy : Available from the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.0, 1984

Annual energy review / Energy Information Administration, Office of Energy Markets and End Use, U.S. Department of Energy","Washington, D.C. : The Office, 1983

United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Sacramento District. Water Resources Planning Branch. Investigations Section A","Sacramento River aerial atlas : Collinsville to Shasta Dam, California : photographed 22 May 1984 and 29 May 1984 / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District, Water Resources Planning Branch, Investigations Section A","[Sacramento, Calif.] : The Section, 1984

North Carolina wild notebook : an environmental education guide","[Raleigh, N.C.] : Division of Conservation Education, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, [1988-1997]

Water resources development by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in North Carolina","Atlanta, Ga. : US Army Corps of Engineers, South Atlantic Division

North Carolina. Division of Parks and Recreation. Planning and Assessment Section","Outdoors North Carolina, 1990-1995 [microform] / North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Recreation, Planning and Assessment Section","Raleigh : The Section, [1989]

North Carolina. Geological Survey Section","Publication list / North Carolina Geological Survey","[Raleigh, N.C.]

North Carolina. Dept. of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources. Division of Planning & Assessment","North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources ... grants directory [microform]","Raleigh, N.C. : N.C. Dept. of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources, Division of Planning and Assessment

North Carolina. Dept. of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources","Environmental education resource directory of the state of North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources / compiled and distributed by the Office of Environmental Education, Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources, State of North Carolina","Raleigh, N.C. : The Office, [1993]

Description of North Carolina's coastal fishery resources, 1972-1991 / by North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries","Morehead City, NC : The Division, [1993]

"Jackson, Ronald Vern","North Carolina 1860 census index / editor [sic], Ronald Vern Jackson, et al","North Salt Lake, Utah : Accelerated Indexing Systems International, c1987

Description of North Carolina's coastal fishery resources, 1972-1991 [microform] / by North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries","Morehead City, NC : The Division, [1993]

North Carolina. Dept. of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources","Teacher's guide to environmental education programs and resources offered by the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources [microform] / prepared by the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources, Office of Environmental Education","Raleigh, N.C. : The Office, [1994]

North Carolina Natural Heritage Program","North Carolina Natural Heritage Program biennial protection plan [microform]","[Raleigh, N.C.] : Division of Parks and Recreation, Dept. of Environment, Health and Natural Resources, [1993]

Assumptions for the Annual energy outlook [microform]","Washington, D.C. : Energy Information Administration, Office of Energy Markets and End Use, U.S. Dept. of Energy : Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.

North Carolina Natural Heritage Program","North Carolina Natural Heritage Program biennial protection plan","[Raleigh, N.C.] : Division of Parks and Recreation, Dept. of Environment, Health and Natural Resources, [1993]

Nickerson, John G","Heavy-mineral data for selected vibracores from the southern inner continental shelf of North Carolina [microform] / by John G. Nickerson, Wenfeng Li, and Mary E. Watson","[Raleigh, N.C.] : N.C. Geological Survey, 1993

United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mobile District","Inventory of basic environmental data, Alabama / prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District and the State of Alabama Office of State Planning and Federal Programs, State Planning Division prepared by Soil Systems, Inc. Marietta, Georgia under Contract no. DACW-01-78-C-0249 cartographic services by Booker Associates, Inc","[Mobile, Ala.?] : The District, [1981]

World History

Major Peace Treaties of Modern History 1648-1967
4 vols.
JX 121 I8

U.S. Treaties and Other International Agreements
102 vols.
JX 231A3.4

Digest of International Law
14 vols.
JX 237 WS.5

United Nations Affairs
62 vols.
JX 1977 .A1A5

Economic and Social Development Plans
JX 1977 A2

United Nations Administrative Tribunal
2 vols.
JX1977 A3.65 K6

Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations
9 vols.
JX 1977 C6.2


The Travels of Marco Polo
G370. P72

Voyages of the South Seas 1826-1850
2 vols.
G.420 D84 D862513

Voyage and Expedition of the Fram 1893-1896

The Voyage of Magellan: The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta

Mandeville’s Travels
2 vols.
G370.M2 M3613

The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela

The De Soto Chronicles: The Expedition of Hernando De Soto to North America in 153 9-1543. Ed. Lawrence A. Clayton et aT. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1993. 2 vols.

René LaudonniLre. Three Voyages. Ed. and trans. Charles E. Bennett. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2001.

Alvar NuZez Cabeza de Vaca. Castaways. Published under a variety of titles and editions.

European History

Secret Treaties of Austria Hungry
2 vols.
JX 676

Constitutions of Communist Party States
2 vols.
K530 T8

The Story of My Life Marie Queen of Roumania
2 vols.
DR 262 A2 A3

Album of Dated Latin Inscriptions
4 vols.

Source Records of the Great War WWI
7 vols.
D521 H6

International Military Trials Nurnberg
7 vols.

International Monetary Fund 1927-1978
3 vols.

Post-War Europe O.S.S. intelligence
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 329

Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of Austria-Hungary and Austria, 1910-1929
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 197 reel 24

Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of the Baltic States, 1910-1944
ASU Microform
Film Reels 1-8

Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of Estonia, 1910-1944
ASU Microforme

Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920)","Deliberations du Conseil des Quatre, 24 mars-28 juin 1919. English";"The deliberations of the Council of Four (March 24-June 28, 1919) / notes of the official interpreter, Paul Mantoux translated and edited by Arthur S. Link, with the assistance of Manfred F. Boemeke","Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1992

Headland, Ronald, 1946-","Messages of murder : a study of the reports of the Einsatzgruppen of the Security Police and the Security Service, 1941-1943 / Ronald Headland","Rutherford [N.J.] : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press London : Associated University Presses, c1992

Vatikan i Jasenovac. English";"The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican : the Croatian massacre of the Serbs during World War II / [documents selected and compiled by] Vladimir Dedijer translated by Harvey L. Kendall","Buffalo, N.Y. : Prometheus Books Freiburg, Germany : Ahriman-Verlag, 1992

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson, 1829-1902, ed","Letters and other documents illustrating the relations between England and Germany at the commencement of the Thirty Years' War ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner","[Westminster] Printed for the Camden Society, 1865-68

Translations and reprints from the original sources of European history","Philadelphia, Pa. : Dept. of History, University of Pennsylvania, 1895

British History

Scottish Family History
C5 463 59

Memoirs of William Hickey 1749-1809
3 vols.
CT 788. H5 A35

The Autobiography of Lord Chief Baron Nicholson
CT 788 N5 A3

Calendar of the Sir William Johnson Manuscripts in the New York State Library. Comp. Richard F. Day. Albany, University of the State of New York, 1909.

A Survey of the Counties of England Directed by King William I
35 Vols.
DA 190.5

The Paston Letters 1422-1509
6 vols.
DA240 P2.9

The Second War by Winston S. Churchill
6 vols.
D743 C4.7

The Letters and Memoirs of Sir William Harman
DA 565H2 A4
DA 565H2 A42

Churchill and Roosevelt Complete Correspondence
3 vols.
DA 566.9 C5 A4

The Churchill War Papers
DA 566.9 .C5 C49

The Creevey Papers
2 vols.
DA 536.C9A2 1904

Memoirs of the Falklands

Letter of Horace Walpole
9 Vols.
DA. 483.W2 A43

Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
3 vols.
DA 501 M7 A4.8

C.C. Grevilles Journals of the Reigns of George IV and William IV 1837-1852
8 vols.
DA 536. 68 A13

Haddington, Thomas Hamilton 1st Earl of, 1563-1637
State Papers and miscellaneous correspondence of Thomas, Earl of Melrose
UNCA Special Collections
2 Volumes
DA750 .A1 1837

Baillie, Robert, 1599-1662
Letters, and journals: containing an impartial account of public transactions, civil, ecclesiastical, and military, in England and Scotland, from the beginning of the civil wars, in 1637, to the year 1662 published from the MSS of Robert Baillie
UNCA Special Collections
2 Volumes
DA803.3 .A2 B3 1775

Colvin, Howard Montague ed
The History of the Kings Works
UNCA General
6 Volumes
NA961 .C64
UNCA Special Collections
NA961 .C64

Allardyce, James, 1829-1910, ed
Historical papers relating to the Jacobite Period, 1699-1750
UNCA Special Collections
2 Volumes
DA750 .N5 1895

Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680
Collected works of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
ASU Main Stacks
PR3669 .R2 1926

Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719
The Freeholder Joseph Addison
WCU General
DA498 .A3 1979

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603
Elizabeth I: Collected works
ASU Main Stacks
UNCA General
DA350 .A25 2000

Perfect Passages of every daies intelligence from the Parlaiments army, under the command of his Lord General Cromwell
WCU Per Mfilm
Early English Newspapers, Reel 3

The art of assassinating kings [Lewis XIV and James II]
ASU Microforme
STC II 1221 A3785

The Jacobite’s Journal
WCU Per Mfilm
Early English Newspapers, Reel 457

Jacobite Rebellion, 1745
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 193 reels 1-8

Harvey, Charles, 1950-
The Westminster historical database [computer file]: voters, social structure, and electoral behavior

A True Journal of the Sally Fleet: with the proceedings of the Voyage: Whereunto is annexed a List of the Sally Captives and the places where they dwell and a description of the townes in a card
Early English Newspapers Reel 898

Writings and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell
4 vols
DA 426.A12

Cornwallis, Charles Cornwallis, Marquis, 1738-1805","Correspondence of Charles, first Marquis Cornwallis. Ed. with notes, by Charles Ross .","London, J. Murray, 1859

Haddington, Thomas Hamilton 1st earl of, 1563-1637","State papers and miscellaneous correspondence of Thomas, earl of Melros","Edinburgh, 1837
English Historical Documents (500-1914)
12 vols
DA 26 E55

Diary of Samuel Pepys
11 vols
DA 447 P4

Mansergh, Nicholas. ed","Documents and speeches on British Commonwealth affairs, 1931-1952","London, New York, Oxford University Press, 1953

Froissart, Jean, 1338?-1410?","Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining countries, from the latter part of the reign of Edward II. to the coronation of Henry IV. By Sir John Froissart. Tr. from the French editions. With variations and additions from many celebrated mss. by Thomas Johnes, esq. To which are prefixed, a life of the author, an essay on his works, and a criticism on his history","London, Routledge, 1868

May, Thomas, 1595-1650","The history of the Parliament of England, which began November 3, 1640 with a short and necessary view of some precedent years. Written by Thomas May, esq., secretary for the Parliament","Oxford, University press, 1854

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British documents on foreign affairs--reports and papers from the Foreign Office confidential print. Part II, From the First to the Second World War. Series A, the Soviet Union, 1917-1939 / editor, D. Cameron Watt","[Frederick, Md.] : University Publications of America, c1984-c1986

Ellesmere, Francis Egerton, Earl of, 1800-1857","The Egerton papers. A collection of public and private documents, chiefly illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I from the original manuscripts, the property of the Right Hon. Lord Francis Egerton. Edited by J. Payne Collier","New York, AMS [1968]

Great Britain. Parliament, 1625. House of Commons","Debates in the House of Commons in 1625. Ed., from a ms. in the Library of Rainald Knightley, by Samuel Rawson Gardiner","[Westminster] Printed for the Camden Society, 1873

Chamberlain, John, 1554?-1628","Letters written by John Chamberlain during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Ed. from the originals by Sarah Williams","[Westminister] Printed for the Camden Society, 1861

Guy, Susanna","English local studies handbook : a guide to resources for each county including libraries, record offices, societies, journals, and museums / compiled by Susanna Guy","Exeter, UK : University of Exeter Press, 1992

Nicholas, Donald, ed","Intercepted post letters written at the time of Prince Charles Edward's descent upon the Lowlands of Scotland, his stay in Edinburgh, and his march to Carlisle. August-December 1745","London, Bodley Head [1956]

The Cely letters, 1472-1488 / edited by Alison Hanham","London New York : Published for The Early English Text Society by the Oxford University Press, 1975

Pargellis, Stanley McCrory, 1898- ed","Military affairs in North America, 1748-1765 selected documents from the Cumberland papers in Windsor Castle, edited by Stanley Pargellis .","New York, London, D. Appleton-Century Company, Incorporated [c1936]

Labaree, Leonard Woods, 1897- ed","Royal instructions to British colonial governors, 1670-1776, collated and edited by Leonard Woods Labaree .","New York, London, D. Appleton-Century Company, incorporated [c1935]


Ireland, S., 1947-","Roman Britain : a sourcebook / S. Ireland","London New York : Routledge, 1992

Irish Pedigrees
2 vols.
C5 483.05

Visitation of Ireland
C5 487 .H62

French History

Fezensac, Raymond-Aymery-Philippe-Joseph de Montesquiou, duc de, 1784-1867 Journal de la campagne de Russie en 1812. English The Russian campaign, 1812, by M. de Fezensac
DC235 .M65133

Abrantes, Laure Junot, Duchesse d’, 1784-1838
Memoirs of the Emperor Napoleon: from Ajaccio to waterloo, as Soldier, emperor, husband
UNCA Special Collections
3 Volumes
DC198 .A32 A62 1901

Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de, 1675-1755
Memoirs of Louis XIV and the regency
UNCA Special Collections
3 Volumes
DC130 .S2 A3 1901

Stewart, John Hall, 1904-","A documentary survey of the French Revolution","New York, Macmillan [1951]

Memoirs of Guy Joli Private Secretary to Cardinal De Retz and the Dutchess Denemours
3 vols.
DC130 J7A2

German History

Wuerttemberg Emigration Index
2 vols.
CS 627.W86 S34

Hitler’s Secret Conversations 1941-1944
DD 247.H5 A685

World War II German Military Studies
24 vols.
D757 W6.7

Reports of the military government for Germany, U.S. Zone 1945-53
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 513 reels 1-6
Microfilm Index 513

Propaganda Ministry
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 525 reels 1-53

Collection of rescripts, circulars and orders of the Royal Bavarian War Ministry and other Bavarian military authorities received by the 2nd Uhlan Regiment and other units of the Garrison of Ansbach, 1866-1871, 1882-1885, 1870-1898, 1912-1913
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 480 reels 1-7

Documents of German Foreign Policy 1918-1945
11 vols
DD 240

Burdick, Charles Burton, 1927- ed","The political institutions of the German revolution, 1918-1919","New York, Published for the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., by F.A. Praeger [1966]

Lord, Robert Howard, 1885-1954","The origins of the War of 1870 new documents from the German archives","New York, Russell & Russell, 1966 [c1924]

1938-- und was dann? English";"1938-- and the consequences : questions and responses : interviews / by Elfriede Schmidt translated by Peter J. Lyth","Riverside, Calif. : Ariadne Press, c1992


Pausania's Description of Greece
6 vols
DF 27.P4

Documents in Mycenaean Greek
2 vols.
CN 362 V4

Attic Document Reliefs
CN 380.A8 L38

Letters and Journals of Samuel Howe
2 vols.

Russian History

The Russian Provisional Government 1917
3 vols.
DK 265.19 B7

Soviet Treaty Series 1917-1939
2 vols.
JX 756

Guide to the SR microfilm edition of Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to United States commercial relations with Russian/Soviet Union 1910-1949
ASU Microform
Decimal files 611.61 and 661.11

Correspondence of the Military Intelligence Division relating to general, political, economic, and military conditions in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1918-1941
ASU Microform
Film reels 1-23

History of the Great Patriotic war of the Soviet Union, 1941-1945
UNCA Microfilm
D764 .I713 1984 v.1-7

The Soviet Union O.S.S./State department intelligence and research reports
WCU Microfilm
Microfilm 330

Lenin, Vladimir Ilich, 1870-1924
The collected works of V. I. Lenin
45 Volumes
UNCA General
DK254.L3 A5

Works of Joseph Stalin
13 vols

Documents of Soviet history / edited by Rex A. Wade","Gulf Breeze, FL Academic International Press, 1991
5 vols

Golder, Frank Alfred, 1877-1929","Guide to materials for American history in Russian archives, by Frank A. Goldner","Washington, D.C., Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1917-37

Browder, Robert Paul","The Russian Provisional Government, 1917: documents, selected and edited by Robert Paul Browder and Alexander F. Kerensky","Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press, 1961

Walsh, Warren B. (Warren Bartlett), 1909- ed","Readings in Russian history from ancient times to the post-Stalin era","[Syracuse, N.Y.] Syracuse University Press, 1963

A Source book for Russian history from early times to 1917. George Vernadsky, senior editor. Ralph T. Fisher, Jr., managing editor. Alan D. Ferguson, Andrew Lossky. Sergei Pushkarev, compiler","New Haven [Conn.] Yale University Press, 1972

Dmytryshyn, Basil, 1925-","Imperial Russia a source book, 1700-1917","Hinsdale, Ill., Dryden Press [1974]

Russia & Eurasia documents annual","Gulf Breeze, FL : Academic International Press, c1994

USSR documents annual","Gulf Breeze, FL : Academic International Press, c1989-1993

USSR documents","Gulf Breeze, Fla. : Academic International Press, c1988

Comrade Kryuchkov's instructions : top secret files on KGB foreign operations, 1975-1985 / edited by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky","Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c1993

Reinterpreting Russian history : readings, 860-1860s / compiled and edited by Daniel H. Kaiser, Gary Marker","New York : Oxford University Press, 1994

Spanish History

Kinnaird, Lawrence, ed","Spain in the Mississippi Valley, 1765-1794. [Translations of materials from the Spanish archives in the Bancroft Library]","Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1946-49

The Hernando de Soto expedition / edited with an introduction by Jerald T. Milanich","New York : Garland Pub., 1991

The De Soto chronicles : the expedition of Hernando de Soto to North America in 1539-1543 / edited by Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr., Edward C. Moore","Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c1993

Latin Inscriptions from Central Spain
CN 670 .K58

African History

Hodgkin, Thomas Lionel, 1910-","Nigerian perspectives an historical anthology","London, Oxford University Press [c1960]

Tales from the Dark Continent : images of British colonial Africa in the twentieth century / edited by Charles Allen edited in association with Helen Fry, introduction by Anthony Kirk-Greene","London : Macdonald Futura, 1980, c1979

Constitutions of African States
2 vols.
K530 A7.5 X

Kaduna [Nigeria]

Documents of African Politics in South Africa 1882-1964
3 vols.
DT 1137

Diaries of Lord Lugard
4 vols.
DT 433 L8A3

Selections from the Smuts Papers
4 vols.
DT 779.8 S6 A2.5
2 vols.

Asian History

Ling, Nai-min, comp","Tibet, 1950-1967","Hong Kong, Union Research Institute [1968]

Franda, Marcus F","Politics and the use of water resources in Bangladesh / by Marcus F. Franda","[Hanover, N.H.] : American Universities Field Staff, [1974]

The Pearl Harbor papers : inside the Japanese plans / edited by Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon","Washington : Brasseys (US), c1993

A Pictorial History of the Republic of China
2 vols.

The Writings of Mao Ze Dong 1949-1976
2 vols.

Selected Works of Mao
5 vols.
DS 778 M3 A5.4

The Grand Scribe’s Records of the Memoirs of Pre-Han China
7 vols.

Sima Qian Historical Records
DS 741.3.S68213


Original Journals, Narratives, Letters Etc. Relating to the North West Company
2 vols.

Middle East

Egyption Religious Texts and Representations
7 vols.
9PJ 1551.E3

South and Central American

Royal Commentaries of the Incas
2 vols.

Hernan Cortes Letters from Mexico

Selected Writings of Bolivar
2 vols.
F2235.3 A1.3


Genealogies of Barbados Families

Barbados Records 1637-1800