Ruth and Leon Feldman Award

Eligibility: Best graduating senior in the department as determined by the department faculty.

Deadline: TBA

Scholarship Information: Each year the full-time, ranked faculty of UNC Asheville shall select two of its members for receipt of the Ruth and Leon Feldman Professorship Fund prize. This award will honor those faculty who have excelled in one or both of the following fields:

  1. Service to the community and to UNC Asheville; and,
  2. Demonstrated competence in the areas of teaching, research and published writings.

The selection of these two individuals is the responsibility of the Ruth and Leon Feldman Professorship Review Committee whose composition and procedures are described in Section 10.3.4 of the Faculty Handbook. The awards are bestowed at the final spring faculty meeting. Recipients of the award will be listed in the UNC Asheville catalog in a section describing the Ruth & Leon Feldman Professorship Fund.

For more information contact Rene Smyle at 828-251-6415.